Typewriter Analogue


Interactive installation: a rewired keyboard connected to a receipt printer 


Type-writer analogue is an interactive installation made of a rewired computer keyboard and a receipt printer. The computer keyboard has word-keys instead of letter-keys. All the words chosen for the keyboard are collected from https://www.isidewith.com/polls/popular, a website where the most popular political issues are voted by users. Any type-in from the keyboard will be instantly printed out from the receipt printer, resulting in a big pile of receipt rolls with “big political words” printed on them. 


This piece reflects onto the big words used in political debates and how their meaning has been smudged in constant reiterations.


Previous Exhibition


July 2019

States of mind

at Free Range Gallery, London, Uk

April 2019

Social Works?: Live 

at Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK


The rhythms of uttering those big words, freedom, identity, right, renders "my" voice "the" voice. Meanings are overlooked when the light of rightness overshadows the gap.  Rhetorics, nomenclatures, whatever that is that makes the meanings impenetrable, are up to be further-exploited on this little miniature of type-writer.

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